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How Online Marketing is Impacting the Industrial Sector

In 2020, we observed seismic shifts in the way that the industrial sector operated and grew online. At a time when many industries were struggling to keep their head above water – the industrial sector enjoyed unprecedented growth and steady revenue figures.

As the face of the online marketing landscape continues to evolve with paid advertising, SEO services, content marketing, and social media marketing all evolving, the adoption and growth of online marketing continues to progress at an unprecedented rate.

Here are some of the trends that impacted the industrial sector as online marketing continued to have an unprecedented impact.

Social Media: Social media is part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy for just about any industry these days. In 2020 was saw businesses in the industrial sector invest 54% more into social media marketing than in the previous year.

Mobile: In 2020, more than 73% of users that visited an online store or service provider on their mobile device would visit the same store within 24-hours of making the search. The industrial sector has evolved from stagnant, one page portfolio style websites into dynamic, mobile-friendly websites that promote ease of use and call to actions for mobile enquiries.

SEO and Content: In 2020, the concepts of search engine optimisation and content marketing became intertwined for a more comprehensive online strategy. In the industrial sector, businesses were seizing the opportunity to provide top of the funnel content marketing resources that could be used to funnel users towards the desired end destination.


The industrial sector may have been one of the slowest adopters of digital marketing as an effective marketing strategy. However, in a year of uncertainty and change for the industries, we observed the widespread adoption of these services from businesses that were looking to pivot their online strategy.

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